Mutt Madness Alum Gracie Lou settles into new home

Gracie Lou is one of the "show dogs" that was adopted at the 2021 Lucky's Mutt Madness pet adoption event sponsored by the TurfMutt Foundation. In total, 15 lucky pups found their new homes at the event, which was co-sponsored by the Kentucky Humane Society.

Gracie went home with Lloyd Weaver, Jr., who owns a landscaping business in Virginia. Sadly, the family had to say goodbye to its three older dogs over the last several years. He and his wife knew they would get another dog eventually, and they knew they wanted a rescue.

Lloyd set an alarm so he could be one of the first ones at Mutt Madness, but he didn't see any dogs that caught his eye right away. "I wanted a younger dog of a smaller mix to play with my kids," he said. He returned later in the day and saw Gracie who was the only female in her litter - exactly the right fit for Lloyd's family.

When Lloyd brought Gracie home, it was a surprise to his boys. "There were lots of giggles and laughs," Lloyd says of his kids meeting Gracie for the first time. "It was fun stuff."

He report that Gracie is settling in nicely and that the boys love her. Who can blame them?

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