Saving the planet one yard at a time!

Who we are

The TurfMutt Foundation encourages outdoor learning experiences, stewardship of our green spaces, and care for all living landscapes for the benefit of all. By teaching about the outdoors and educating citizens about sustainability, we are helping sustain a greener, healthier quality of life for this and future generations. We promote urban habitat and ways everyone may save the world one yard at a time. TurfMutt is the symbol and spokesdog of this mission. 

our beginning: a dog's life

The TurfMutt Foundation all began with the life of a dog, Lucky. There wouldn’t be a TurfMutt Foundation without him. Lucky led a purpose-driven life. TurfMutt was created by the OPEI board and founded by the industry, but Lucky was the dog force. Predicated on a dog’s life, the program was designed to educate kids and to teach the world to look at backyards and urban habitats differently. Through the eyes of Lucky, we see that these living outdoor spaces have a greater purpose for pollinators, ecology, climate, and wildlife. 


Meet Mulligan, the spokesdog for the TurfMutt program. Rescued by the Kentucky Humane Society and adopted by Foundation President Kris Kiser at the second-annual Lucky's Mutt Madness adoption event at GIE+EXPO, Mutt Mulligan has grown into the cape to become the superhero voice for the TurfMutt Foundation. She continues the decade-long legacy of Lucky the TurfMutt, the first rescue dog to represent the program.

Our Initiatives

These are some of the initiatives we've embarked on over the past ten years.

what we do

The TurfMutt Foundation focuses its mission on these areas:


The TurfMutt Foundation supports educational opportunities in the sciences and ELA for K-8 educators and students, through non-profit organizations such as Scholastic and the U.S. Green Building Council‎ Learning Lab.

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The TurfMutt Foundation promotes its mission through communication platforms such as Save Living Landscapes and the TurfMutt blog.

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The TurfMutt Foundation provides charitable outreach to related non-profit organizations and events such as Lucky’s Mutt Madness.

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Our Paw-tners



Get involved

Interested in the TurfMutt Foundation and want to play a part? We welcome partners, educators, parents, students, and pet-lovers to join us in our mission to save the planet one yard at a time.

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