4 reasons to be grateful for green space

‘Tis the season to give thanks. In the spirit of gratitude The TurfMutt Foundation reminds us to be grateful for the green space around us, including that in our own backyards.

Spending time outdoors in our family yards and community green spaces became even more popular during the pandemic, leading to the new term “backyarding”. This is the trend to use our backyards for activities that are typically done inside, like working, entertaining, exercising and even vacationing. It’s a movement the TurfMutt Foundation says is here to stay.

Here are just a few of the top reasons to be grateful for our green space.

The best video call backdrop, naturally. No need to turn to technology to create a virtual backdrop for video calls. The natural setting created by your yard’s living landscape – trees, flowers, bushes and other plants – is the best video call background, bar none.

No classroom? No problem. Your backyard or park is a living laboratory for learning. Take online classes under the shade of a tree. Do homework at a patio or picnic table. Brush up on STEM education by planting and studying flowers, bug hunting, and weather watching. The family yard and community green spaces support outdoor learning.

A truly “green” spa. The healing power of nature is only a few steps away, thanks to your backyard. Let stress blow away in the breeze as you swing in a hammock. Clear your mind with a few breaths of fresh air. Meditate to the sounds of nature. Do yoga to the soundtrack of songbirds. Make your lawn your exercise mat. The best “green” spa is the one in your own backyard.

Five-star event space. Graduation parties. Family reunions. Birthday celebrations. Holiday gatherings. Reconnecting with friends. Your family yard and community park are five-star event spaces that are always easy to book.

One final and important note to backyarders. Creating a yard that supports all of the aspects of your family’s outdoor lifestyle means taking stock of what you might need to care for your lawn. Take an inventory of your outdoor power equipment to make sure you are prepared. Then, get out there and create your canvas for even more backyard memory-making.

To get inspired to “backyard more” in the seasons ahead, go to TurfMutt.com.

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